Originally a 1966 Chrysler Imperial rebuilt by Hollywood customizer Dean Jeffries at a reported cost of $50,000. Some of Black Beauty’s equipment includes a special exhaust device that spreads ice over the road, and brushes behind the rear wheels which, when lowered, sweep away tire tracks. For personal equipment, the Green Hornet uses a special nonlethal gas gun and a sting gun able to penetrate steel.

The Beauty was sent to George for some final touches. A verticle grill was formed with a repeative gun inset concealed into the center. Flap headlights were used to confuse the oncoming villains. A multiple gas nozel was built into the lower rolled pan and has an electric trap door. The rear section has a center deck trap door through which protrudes rockets to shoot at following villains. The top has been extended 10" housing a bullet proof simulated glass with slots for armed warfare and a bullet proof steel plating surrounding the Green Hornet and Kato. Rear wheel shields cover the special Formula tires and Crager styled wheels. STP lubricant is used throughout the vehicle for the super servicing needed for the powerful 500 H.P. engine. The "Black Beauty" holds true to it’s name with 30 coats of metal flake pure black green pearl of essence lacquer, hand rubbed to a high brilliant gloss.