Started out as 1953 Lincoln Capri Hard Top. The low body weight and flowing body silhouette gave full balance. Hand formed steel panels detailed to the ultimate shape. Split rear fins extended from center rear fender scoops. Full circle rear trunk impression spare tire cover was built into the hood, curved down into a horizontal grill shell opening. Vertical headlight shells were installed into fenders and bullet bumpers.

For the interior, a curved lounge seat was formed into the rear with cocktail bars on the right and left backs of front seats. Dual cowl shapes were mounted into the tops of the dash and included a central TV set.

The main features were all high-tech electronics. Five way electronic steering: steering wheel, push button, remote control, floor board covers and voice control. Sensitivity selanoids to open the doors, activate door openers, operate TV, stereo, record player, radio . Material selection was gold frazae from France with golden white pearl leather. Finished with 40 coats of pure oriental pearl which was made from scales of an imported fish. All metal fabrications were 24 karat gold plating.

The Golden Sahara was also featured in the movie "Cinderfella" starring Jerry Lewis.

Now owned by Jim Street.