From the studios of famous Hollywood auto stylist George Barris, comes this motorcycle which offers something more creative and interesting for the public. Barris designed and built this bike at his North Hollywood plant, starting with a 400 horsepower all aluminum highly polished Buick engine.

An automatic transmission transfers power through a double chain and sprocket set up to the three inch free floating rear axle. The tri-pod frame construction acts as the brace cradle for the engine which is mounted sideways is; the name "Sidewinder". The unique chopper forks were engineered and built by George Barton of Randy Enterprises creators of many famous motorcycle parts. The engine is equipped with an Isky cam, Jahn racing pistons, fuel injection and trans action by Ansen posi-shift. The body is designed in a boomerang shape, built of 20-gauge USS steel with dual lift high-speed spoiler blades. The rear wheels of magnesium and tires were borrowed from a DC-6 aircraft while the front is a 20 inch laced spoke cycle wheel. Hundred-octane gas is carried by the new spill proof spun aluminum MOON tank.

For braking at low speed there are dual Hurst/Air Heart disc brakes but at high speed two Dietz braking parachutes assist. For wheelie artists who like to swing up on their rear wheels, twin Goodyear fat tires and wheels are installed on spring tubing wheelie bars. Eight single tune headers were contoured to fit the side-mounted engine and extends to the rear of the body. The interior trim by Jack Weimer, is done in Rhino grain wet look vinyl of Sun Ray Yellow sewn in a diamond shape outline with an Orange Glo pattern pattern perimeter. The glass-mirror like exterior finish was accomplished by Von Sol of North Hollywood, California on Golden Yellow metal flake and shades of Tangerine sprayed in various coats of revolutionary epoxy paint. Unique pin striping and Italian variegated gold leaf letters were performed by Dino.