George created his version of the 1970 World’s Fair Osaka Rickshaw Taxi for M.P.C. Model Company. Fully operational and functional, Osaka Rickshaw is a three wheeled high powered vehicle. The hand built chassis of rectangular tubing incorporates a swinging third yoke for the front wheel steering apparatus. The steering tiller is a Simitar sword that operates the power assist unit for steering. Shock absorbers are spring loaded with adjustments to absorb the weight distribution. The frame is a "Z" design to incorporate spring loaded special shocks to the Chevrolet rear end. Machined torsion bars bore and aft handle balance distribution as the car maneuvers.

The engine is a 400 cubic inch Chevrolet with a power glide transmission complete and a Hurst shifter. The radiator shell is designed as a coolie hat cover while the exhaust headers are simulated Oriental chop suey type with full funnel bells. The air cleaner is made out of a two headed fiberglass Japanese dragon. The grille itself simulated the face of an Oriental driver as the headlights act as ears. The body is made completely of U.S. Steel and formed to fit the cab compartment on the frame. The rear fenders flow over the tires and have Oriental authentic taillights in plastic hung with special chains. Each taillight has a revolving insert of amber and red for stopping and turning. At the rear of the body is the sacred Buddha watching over the vehicle as it is being exhibited. Under the Buddha is a custom made Moon gas tank that is spun aluminum and carries saki fuel for the high powered engine. The interior is made of woven matt vinyl with air foam diamond tufts jeweled inserts. The floor is rust carpeted cut pile 1″ thick. All S.W. instruments and dials are in bullet shape and installed in the front cowl roll bar. The authentic looking top is made of steel bows and flowered imprinted vinyl sporting impressions n both inside and outside. Stereo music is provided for the customers by a Muntz tape unit with six speakers.

The unique color scheme on the chassis in Tokyo purple Metalflake trimmed in Nikko green Metalflake and outlined in Nagasaki gold. The body and fender concepts are in Kyoto orange Metalflake and Nikko green as an accent. The complete grille, dragon and Buddha are basic Metalflake with mirror glass insert reflections and hand pin stripped throughout. The Cragar wheels with a wire spoke overlay to simulate the buggy effect sporting Goodyear racing rear slicks with a Firestone wide oval in the front. Valued a $15,000 (back then), this hand built Rickshaw took over 5 months to construct.