Have you ever had the desire to be a mailman? How about Hot Rod Style? This ZIP CODE MAIL TRUCK was created by Hollywood automotive creator George Barris for the MPC model company to match their 1⁄25 scale hobby kit. In this case, the full size vehicle is wild, cute, and original plus completely driveable. Starting with a Model A frame adding an updated but yet early model 59-A flat head engine. A consultant from the Postal Department stipulated the flat head engine to offer relief to the flat feet of the postman.

The power plant is equipped with an Isky cam, Jahns Pistons, Sharp Heads, and Weiand Dual intake manifold. Backing up the old but faithful engine is the old faithful three-speed gearbox matched to a 411 rear end. Front axle is of Dago origin and the braking system has been converted to hydraulic. All four fenders are fiberglass and bobbed to follow design concept. The grille shell is a chopped modified 36 Ford Truck with an egg crate center topped off with a mailman riding a winged horse emblem. Headlights are antique modified to facilitate the sealed beam inserts.

On the very top is mounted the postal lighting rack, wind meter, and directional arrow, all to prevent the mail man from breaking the motto of the department, "Through rain, sleet, and storm the mail must go through!" For assist in final delivery or Special Delivery mail a Custom Built Stelber Unicycle design by Barris with boomerang seat, and mag wheel is provided. In the wheel department Cragar SS mag type support the super stock Firestone tires. To insure the safety of the mails from theft a huge, heart shaped lock prevents the loss of love letters.

The cowl lights are traditional Model T gas lamps with today’s l2-volt conversion. The body is of 1923 Model T vintage built of marine plywood that has been plastic coated. All decorative crossbeams are made of Pine and painted Kandy Blue. The interior is equipped with two wire formed bucket seats fully trimmed to accent the acrylic fur carpeting. Musak is provided as necessary by postal department regulations; therefore Muntz Stereo handles the job with a six-speaker tape system. The undercarriage is painted red, white, and blue in solid toners and pin striped for effect. As for the exterior finish, what could be more appropriate than traditional Red, White, and Blue in Metal Flake, Kandies and Pearls.