The hot rod enthusiasts version of a vehicle for the famous Hard Hat workers of America, created by Model Products Corporation in hobby kit form. This unique hot rod concept was immediately brought to life size by Mr. Bob Larivee of Promotions Incorporated and Hollywood auto stylist Mr. George Barris of Barris Kustom Industries. Designed by Harry Bradly, this 1⁄25th scale model kit was first engineered and then duplicated in replica to a full size operable car. The image of the American Hard Hat worker was incorporated in its concept. Race Car Specialties of Tarzana, California were commissioned to perform the machine work and construction of the chassis and torsion bar suspension. Carrera coiled 50/50 shocks were used on the rear frame center mount, and dual air shocks were installed on the front end.

A 23-T Roadster fiberglass lightweight body and turtle deck were channeled over the frame 4 inches in front and three inches in the rear. Vertical steering was installed with a Corvair box and Ansen red metal flake steering wheel. The front forklift is mounted over Ube front axle on sliding channels. A 500 horsepower Chrysler Hemi engine was used with a torque converter transmission with an Ansen Posi-shifter. Three G.M.C. 671 blowers with Cragar drives are stacked on the engine with an Enderly Fuel injection air scoop. All engine accessories and decorative chrome ornaments are provided by Cal Custom Accessories. Stewart Warner dials and gauges were used in the embossed aluminum firewall. Quad tuned headers were hand formed to fit the engine parts and deliver the exhaust into a. relief collector box.

Four vertical pipes are mounted to the upper pan assembly of the turtle deck, as is a unique feature, the lunch box case that houses a Moon gas tank and battery. Extra wide reversed front and rear wheels were engineered by Cragar Industries, then face plates have character artist renditions of Kennedy, Muskey, Agnew and Reagan mounted as hubcaps. Fifteen inch Goodyear slick tires enhance the Cragar wheels in the rear as do the 10" tires of the front. The most unique feature that draws the interest of spectators is the all chromed four foot Hard Hat. The Barris plant in North Hollywood hand-formed the hat from sheet aluminum, then highly polished same to perfection. A total of 300 hours were needed to complete the sculptured piece of art that is bolted to an "X" shaped girder.

The interior being very simple includes the traditional bench mounted on diamond embossed designed aluminum flooring. The lustrous exterior finish is done in red, white and blue with stars and stripes in 30 coats of Kandy lacquer then coated with clear epoxy. The complete under carriage is plated in triple chrome and polished to perfection by Father and Son Plating of Glendale, California. This car was on tour with the International Championship Auto Shows circuit in the 70’s.