This vehicle was designed and built exclusively for Mr. Calvin Clark of Palos Verdes, Calif., publisher of International Surfing magazine and contractor, for $22,000 in the 60's. The car was designed for street use plus exhibitions throughout the nation.

Complete body was formed in a wooden buck and then shaped in 20 gauge steel fitted to the design contours. The complete sectional side panels were formed of ash wood and dyed in a royal blue organic toner. The outlining sections were bleached in white to completely accentuate the long surfboard style silhouette. The top is a cosmopolitan design cantilevered section with the rear half installed permanently, plus a removable front half panel that can be fitted into place in case of rain. The grille is concaved and formed to fit into the grille shell assembly in a perforated vented chromed metal insert. The radiator ornament is spun in brass with the emblem taken from a sculptured gold plated champion surfer. The headlights operate electrically from each side of the shell panel by pushing a button from the dash.

Imported from France, Cibie rectangular beams are encased in a chrome bezel and formed to fit the unique light doors. Fenders are rolled from 20 gauge steel and attached to the front and rear panels with fore and aft design extension. The rear body panel has a complete full taillight with a chrome concave insert panel plus an overlay of grille material matching the front. Tail directional lights are on a sequential right and left system utilizing fourteen bulbs. For a unique touch the front directional lights are made from brushed bronze lanterns, antique designed and attached to the windshields post. The windshields is blue tinted semi-curve with a complete steel frame and white ash wood inserts. Wheels are deep dished chrome plated steel rims with blue anodized Reynolds Aluminum centers and ribbed sections with brushed edges by Rader. Tires are Goodyear blue streaks super sport racing tread on front and eleven inch slicks on the rear. The chassis is made of rectangular 3" x 2" steel tubing and supported for added safety strength with the front and assembly re-engineered from a Corvair using independent coils and A-frame assemblies.

Steering is taken from an Econoline Ford pickup with an added U joint in case of direct impact to eliminate pushing steering shaft into driver. Rear end is from Fairlane Ford with a 327 gear ratio. Engine is taken from 289 Hi-performance Mustang and equipped with a Paxton supercharger and ISKY cam for added horsepower and cubic inches. Complete engine compartment is chrome plated and trimmed in Kandy blue heat resistant porcelain enamel. The dash was the latest safety design with a complete air foam panel and all dials counter sunk one inch. Plus, the horn button center hub is made of solid foam all made from striped crushed red velvet. The seats are reclining head high body contoured aircraft made of crushed red velvet and hand embroidered red and white center sections.

Complete back section is made of mouton fur trimmed in crushed striped red velvet. For the ultimate in music, Muntz StereopPak has installed a complete tape deck system with 6 speakers. A powder blue dial General Electric telephone system is used. Body and fender color is Ocean Blue pearl of essence imported from the Orient, finished in forty coats of hand rubbed lacquer. This body pearl color is a contrast in the vivid high lustrous dye wood grain coloring in blue and white.