Built in the early 70s when the most common annual events held on college campuses was the competitive "Bed" race between rival fraternities. In an attempt to create a life size automobile to represent this sport, Model Products turned to George.

Incorporating the bed idea into an automobile was accomplished with the completion of the aptly named "Bed Buggy". It features a hand built square tubing chassis, set up to receive a fully chrome plated Corvair engine in the rear This allows the entire front of the vehicle to represent the bed and related accessories. The design is based around the fore and aft Brass Plated 18 Century bed-posts. A real airfoam mattress and bedspread was fitted in a leopard skin vinyl decor with matching comfort contour TV pillows. For maximum relaxation, the attitude of bed living was brought out in the presence of a Muntz Stereo Tape Deck with a French Phone mounted on a console between the pillows, and a Singer Portable Television set placed at the footboard.

The headlights were from an antiquated era which recalls the use of Ruxton lamps, while the rear taillights were made from typical red hurricane lanterns. The port and starboard clearance lights represent a flickering candle atmosphere. The chassis was finished in gold metalflake paint trimmed in gold and chrome plated metal. The top was a hand embroidered vinyl hot rod style with gold fringe and lace.

Model Products Company produced a scale model kit from the Bed Buggy.