The $45,000 Barber Shop on Wheels.

Built in the early 70’s, it was the ultimate in a mobile hair cutting vehicle of yesteryear combined with the blown dry look. Twin collector antique barber chairs that costs $6,000.00 were used in a humorous design concept to create the Barber Car.

Power is by a big 400 horse Corvette engine and can mark speeds up to 150 mph, only if you want a "quick cut". Dual side and turning lights are original barber lights shop candy poles. The curved body is hand formed in U.S.S. steel and sculptured to fit the big Formula 1 Super Stock tires.

Interior craftsman Joe Perez stitched the formed diamond tufted upholstery throughout the interior in red velvet an gold buttons. The squatty radiator was formed in brass with matching high polished 1914 Cadillac headlights. A swinging axle rear end plus the torsion bar front end suspension, are equipped with disc brakes and all components are chrome plated.

The end results were finished in a glamorous lustrous metalflake pearl of essence sprayed with 25 coats of translucent lacquer and meticulous pin stripes. Naturally, music is a necessity while cutting your hair or driving, so Car Tapes included a Quadrasonic sound stereo system to sooth your temperments.