Built in the mid 70’s, the Any Car III is an amalgamation of parts from 40 different auto makes and models. Under it's hood is a four speed battery-powered, 27 inch wide "Mini-Any Car designed for short travel. Commissioned by Manufactures Hanover Bank to promote their auto loans for "Any Car".

The base car was a 1974 Volkswagon station wagon. The rear engine vehicle was chosen to take advantage of the storage space under the forward hood compartment where the "Mini Car" is transported. The most distinctive feature of Any Car III is it’s paint scheme. Just as each of the pairs-of -parts are dissimilar, so too are the paint schemes. The interior is also multi-colored. The parts are all from 1974-1975 cars with the exception of the 1973 Buick trunk lid. The different makes and models used for the Any Car III are Cadillac, Buick Riviera, Mark IV, Astra Cruiser (Olds), Mercury, El Dorado, Cougar, Chrysler, Toyota, VW Station Wagon, PInto, Alfa Romero, Peugeot, Continental, Lincoln, Buick Matador, New Yorker, Continental, Chevrolet, Plymouth, Ford, and Datsun. See if you can figure out which part is which!