Designed by George, finished in 1962, the XR-6 was to investigate the uses of modern ideas in Hot Rod design. It won the "America’s Most Beautiful Hot Rod". Made from the metal body from the model T Ford. The floor plan was removed and the body cut lengthwise then widened five inches. The rear section was hand formed in steel then grafted to the original back panel. All four fenders were sculptured from sheet stock and matching the Firestone tires and Crager wheels. Tony Nancy crafted all the interior from natural pure USA hyde leather. Gene Winfield constructed the aluminum hood, side panels and Gordon Vann fitted the full belly pan. Auto Electric did all the wiring, while the six cylinder engine was installed with multiple Weber carbs. A Hurst shifter was attached to the Torque Flight transmission with Stewart Warners gages. 40 coats of Kandy Tangerine were applied.