Designed to haul a a motorized surfboard on the roof, it has a 105 inch wheel base and a super wide tread – 66 inches in the front, 87 inches inches on the rear where there are dual Mickey Thompson drag racing slicks which will enable the car to plow through deep sand into the best surfing areas. Astro steel wheels have dual spool plates with walnut covered spokes.

The frame is special constructed of two-inch diameter 4130 chrome moly tubing and is surrounded by a supporting network of ⅝ inch tubes shaped to the body’s contour. Fastened to the floor pan with eight quick remove bolts, the eye catching steel body carries a large number of technical ideas. The doors operate electrically to fold out to become entrance steps and are lighted with fluorescent tubes. Headlights are horizontal fluorescents while the entire rear section is a huge tail-lamp. Square chromed tubes support the naugahyde covered top and there are Philippine walnut inserts where rear side window would normally be and is also converted into an open roadster with Reynolds Aluminum extrusions. The interior is finished with custom design oil painted surfing complete wall scene. Body contoured airfoam seats are electrically actuated into a gentle wave-like rocking motion. Topping the luxury features, there are two Sony TV sets plus a Muntz six speaker stereo tape music system.

Equipped with a Ford Cobra engine has its power increased by two Paxton super chargers mounted on a MT ram thrust manifold with a Dupree chrome dome fuel pump and finned air cooled valve covers. There is no steering wheel, it turns by push buttons on a single uni-control-stick, that also operates the accelerator and disc brakes.

Other components are an automatic transmission with a Hurst Dual-Gate floor control, independent traction master torsion bar suspension that incorporates a Mercedes 300 swing axle in the rear and Airheart disc brakes on the two front wheels. One of the more unusual features is the fuel tank – a 10 gallon beer keg converted to a new purpose and completely triple chrome plated.