Built for Charles Kirkorian and now owned by Blackie Gejian. Kirkorian engineered and constructed the engine and undercarriage. He then contacted Barris who designed and built the complete body and painted it with forty coats of translucent Kandy Burgundy over pure pearl of essence imported from Sweden with added actual crushed diamond dust. The complete frame and undercarriage is chrome plated plus all the accessories on the 550 horse powered Cadillac Eldorado engine. Racing headers extend from the side of the engine with a hidden street exhaust system.

Grill shell is hand made with oval headlights and double reversed inserts plus an added oval center tube. Seats are swivel type made from unbreakable fiberglass and covered in air foam contoured to fit your body curve. Wheels are reversed with wide base tires with triple size chrome plated hard spun wheel centers. Body is basically a O29 Ford Roadster and is built arouond the chrome frame and has a unitized body support structure.