This is the full custom car D’Elegance and sweepstake winner throughout the nation. Owned by Taggart Bros. from Ohio built by Sam and George Barris. This was the last car the Barris Brothers made together.

Basically starting as a O57 Chevy two door sedan, the top has been chopped 2.5 inches with a half inch recessed sculptured upper panel. All side posts have been rimmed with full vision side glass and plastic uprights installed. The front end is rolled into one piece using pancake hood and double cavity grill shell opening with twin floating front bumpers. The headlights are tunnelled and "V" peaked with English Lucas lenses plus hand made plastic directional lights. The complete sides are sculptured with one inch split level panels into long canted tapered 1957 Lincoln fins that are topped with two foot scooped ’T: adaption on the upper section. The complete rear end assembly is styled to match all front end components. The rear fender shields coveting back fender panel has scoops to cool the tires and brakes. The unique center lounge interior has four way swivel bucket seats and turn table television for full vision of all occupants. The material used is imported gold French frieze and white pearl naugahyde. Exterior color is done in Cerise pearl and two tone with diamond dust, pure pearl utilizing ten gallons of lacquer paint.