A 1968 Corvette custom styling concept by Barris Kustom City. After extensive coverage in most recognized automotive publications, due to a long list of honors and awards bestowed by the more competitive auto shows from coast to coast, the Cosma Ray attained the title of "Grand National Sweepstakes Winner". Cosma Ray then became a television star car features in the TV Dupont special "Wonderful World of Wheels" with Lloyd Bridges produced by Robert E. Petersen.

Underneath the immaculate exterior lies a fully chromed undercarriage and a 327 cubic inch Corvette engine which gleams with chrome and polished alloys. Modifications were not extensive by competition class standards, but the addition of a pair of four barrel carburetorĀ¹s and Dupree fuel pumps indicate that it is no longer in the "strictly stock category". The body, although extensively reworked, retains more than a hint of its original Stingray styling. To provide clearance for larger tires, the wheels are radiused and a flange added to their outer edges. The nose was drawn to a sharp peak and the retractable headlights relocated behind translucent panels in the grille opening. Engine cooling air is inducted through aluminum mesh covered openings just under the hood peak, while carburetor air enters the engine compartment through a wide hood scoop extending rear-ward into the cowl area and conforms with the center crease, then follow through into a double streamline plastic bubble push-button operated top. The air flow follows through to the air-spoiler at the rear of the deck maintaining the stable handling characteristics at high speed. Unique refinements in detail have always been the mark of the most successful show cars and one contributing factor in this case has been the use of Brazilian walnut as a trim material. The heat guards over the side exhaust stacks are metal channel sections containing walnut inlays.

A highly unusual touch was added to the Rader wheels deep reversed in a wire casted form and knock-off type spinners. the further use of walnut can be seen in the butterfly type wrist spinner steering wheel. Thin panels are applied to the headrests, seat divider, dash and the metal band which separates the forward and aft portions of the bubble top. More than 300 walnut buttons were used on the tufted white pearl Masland Duran vinyl with air foam padding. For added comfort in accessories are a 7 inch TV, telephone and Muntz stereo cartridge tape unit with six speakers. It is also equipped with a VHF aircraft to vehicle two way radio system. The exterior is finished with a multi-color blend of apricot pearl, essence of platinum pearl and tangerine metalflake blended into a tinted peach pearlescence over a white pearl underbase. All paint materials were metalflake products which offer the best possible completed finish. Over 200 man hours were expended in applying the various opaque bases and transparent color overlays.