The top was chopped 3 inches in front but this tapered to 6 inches at the rear. Side trim was fitted to the body line and wrapped down under the body crease and along the rear fender. It had Kolor Khrome hubcaps with 1954 Mercury taillights that were turned upside down and frenched.

The nose featured a Barris frenched eyebrow headlight accessory kit which was pressed out of metal so that it could be welded onto the top edge of the fender. This meant the original headlights were retained and a simple kustom touch resulted.

A modified Cadillac bumper was added with gold door pull mesh grill. The main body color was pearl blue while the top was sky blue metallic and the bottom and ocean blue mist. Dean Jeffries handled the white and copper striping. The rear scoops were functional and featured two chrome teeth. The fender skirts were later removed.