"Athenian Merc"


Mercs built by George and his brother Sam Barris were some of the earliest to hit the "kustom" scene. Straight out of the Barris Kustom Shop, these kustoms became revolutionary designs and created trends that are still replicated to this day, over SIX DECADES after their conception!


In comes Cassie and Dennis Metz's 1951 Merc that the husband and wife decided needs an exotic Barris touch. The catch is, Cassie is Barris' sister, so there are high expectations for the Barris Kustom crew to satisfy George's little sister. This family project involving George's grandson, Jared Barris, is what George calls, "the old meeting the new." Not only is the Merc's design running with the idea, but the "old-meets-new" theme even extends to our build team! Our builders range from the Master of Leading - Bill Hines who is 91 years young - to Brad Masterson, Louis Loyola and Keith Dean (son of the famous builder, Dick Dean).


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